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Kobe Steel Statement

Sinclair Manufacturing Company is aware of the concerns of our customers regarding the recent news of Kobe Steel's announcment of the falsification of quality certification of their materials.

As of 11/1/17, Sinclair has confirmed that none of the products we supply contain any material from Kobe Steel, or, any of their subsidiaries listed below.

In the three Kobe Steel press releases to date, Aluminum, Copper, Steel Powder, Sputtering Target Materials, Steel Wires, Spring Wire, and Stainless Steel Wire are involved. However, the situation continues to evolve, and for the latest information, please refer to the Kobe Steel Corporate Website for additional announcements on the issue.

The products listed above may have been shipped under company names including

Kobe Steel;
Takasago Works;
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube;
Shinko Aluminum Wire;
Suhhou Kobe Copper Technology;
Jiangyin Sugita Fasten Spring Wire;
Kobelco Spring Wire;
Foshan Spring Wire;
Nippon Koshuha Steel;
Shinko Wire Stainless Company

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