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Going Green

Over the years, Sinclair has pursued numerous opportunities to become a more environmentally-friendly company. In the past few years, we have invested in technologies to reduce paper consumption, consume less electricity, and reduce emissions. Some of the highlights:

• Installed a Zero-Discharge System in our Cleaning Department

• Converted our degreasing systems from Trichloroethylene to an environmentally-friendly aqueous cleaning system

• Replaced older CRT-based computer displays with newer, more efficient LCD displays, and purchased more energy-efficient computers with power-saving features to greatly reduce off-hours electric consumption

• Installed a more efficient water chiller / recirculation system

• Implemented a paper recycling program

• Replaced inefficient lighting with newer, more energy-efficient lighting across the plant

Sinclair will continue to explore the possibilities of being a Greener company as we grow into the future.

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