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Hybrid Packages

Sinclair offers standard Flatpacks, Plug-Ins, and Platforms in all industry common configurations. Our In-house Engineering & Manufacturing enable Sinclair to accomodate any custom requirement.

Our manufacturing flexibility allows for high or low volume production using CNC machining or tooling runs depending on quantities required. Sinclair can provide your standard or custom Hybrid package regardless of the quantities involved.

Contact Sinclair today with your requirements.

Hybrid Products

One-Piece Construction
Platform Plug-In
Tub Flatpack
Tub Plug-In

Machined Flatpack (Custom Designs, Contact Sinclair)
Machined Plug-In (Custom Designs, Contact Sinclair)

Two-Piece Construction
Frame Flatpack
Frame Plug-In

The lists above are PARTIAL tooling lists, additional sizes may be available.
If you do not see the size or options you need, please contact our Sales Dept.

Identification Beads, Isolating Tie Bars, Standoffs,
Kovar-to-Copper Butt-Brazed Pins Available

Contact Sinclair for Additional Options

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