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FiberOptic & Telecom Packages

Sinclair offers custom packages for hermetic applications such as:

• WADM Modules
• Modulators
• Attenuators
• Pump Lasers
• Switches
• Amplifiers

We can manufacture virtually any custom machined configuration in a variety of materials and feedthru options.

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Housing Materials
Connection Options
42 Alloy
46 Alloy
49 Alloy
• Direct Glass-to-Metal Seals
• Ceramic-to-Metal Seals
• Stripline / Multi-layer Ceramic Feedthrus
• SMA Interface
• SSMA Interface
• OSP Interface
• OSSP Interface
• OSM Interface
• Multi-Pin Bulkhead DC Connectors
(avail w/ or w/o jack screw mounting)
• Various Fiber Entry Configurations
• Blindmate Connectors

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